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Lyboussakis Salvage Cases

Through the years of many Salvage Cases undertake by LYBOUSSAKIS SALVAGE & TOWAGE  and our special Salvage team; we are glad to belong on Lloyd's Professional Salvors list. Below you can see some Salvage Cases which LYBOUSSAKIS acted as a Salvor.


"NORTH STAR" : Flooding of the engine room and holds while at berth due to explosion and taking list. Ingress of water. High risk of capsizing and sinking. Proceeding, holding, patching, refloating, pumping out waters, securing.

"IONIAN EXPRESS" : Fire. Extinguishing the fire.


"DIMITRA" : Grounding off Naxos Island. Proceeding, refloating, towing.

"ORION" : Fire. Extinguishing the fire.


"THETIS" : Immobilization outside Abidjan, Ivory Coast in the open sea. Proceeding, making fast, towing and redelivering at Abidjan.


"MINOAN HILL" : Fire. Extinguishing the fire.


"AGIOS MINAS" : Dragging anchors in bad weather and running the risk of colliding with other Vessels. Holding, clearing off, securing, towing and redelivering at safe position.

"LEROS" : Fire while she was at the port of Piraeus. Extinguishing the fire and shifting to Atalanti Islet, off Piraeus.


"BLUE SKY II" : Fire. Extinguishing the fire.

"MATINA V" : Engine breakdown. Drifting uncommanded. Proceeding, holding, towing.


“LEADER A II” : Explosion and fire on board the old tanker “Hellenic Slops”, moored at Kynosoura Peninsular, close to the vessel “Leader A II”. Fire fighting and towing her away from the Hellenic Slops, holding and towing back to Kynosoura, after the extinction of the fire.

“LEADER A II” : Laid up without main engine power. Moored Mediterranean fashion. Due to strong winds and swell, parting of mooring lines and causing her rudder and propeller to foul at the anchors of another vessel. Proceeding, making fast, holding, resuming at her initial position away from the other Vessel, reberthing and securing.


“GRANDE SCANDINAVIAN” : Parting of mooring lines and colliding with the


“MAGIC SWAN” : Holding, avoidance of collision with other vessels, refastening and securing.

“NAVE TRAILER” : Uncommanded due to engine failure. Immobilization in Italian waters. Proceeding, holding, securing, towing.

“WINDFALL” : Drifting in bad weather. Risk of running aground and colliding with other nearby vessels. Holding, securing, re-berthing.


“MARIA K III” : Uncommanded due to engine breakdown off Cape Sounion. Holding, securing and towing to Piraeus.

“BLUE PRINCESS” : Parting of mooring lines in bad weather. Risk of collision with other vessels and running aground. Proceeding, holding, securing and reberthing.


“ACSA 1” : Dragging in bad weather. Risk of collision with other vessels. Proceeding, holding, securing and reberthing.

“VEGA” : Drifting in bad weather and colliding with the m/v “REGENT STAR” at Elefsis Roads. Proceeding, holding, towing, securing and re-berthing.

“EGEON P” : Grounding at Andros Island, Aegean Sea. Risk of pollution. Transhipment of cargo. Proceeding, refloating and towing to Piraeus.


“NONA MARY” : Vessel run aground. Proceeding, carrying out divers’ inspection, connecting at the casualty’s stern, refloating, securing and towing to Perama Shipyard for repairs.


“NAFTOBULK I” : Parting of mooring lines in bad weather. Proceeding, holding, securing, refastening.

“NAVE TRAILER”: Uncommanded due to engine failure. Drifting. Proceeding, holding, towing.

“ANIARA” : Fire. Drifting off Cape Sounion in bad weather. Abandonment of the Vessel by her Master and crew. Risk of running aground in shallow rocky waters at Agios Georgios Islet. Proceeding, holding, towing, securing, re-anchoring.


“ACACIA” : Strucking on a reef and remaining uncommanded without engine power. Proceeding, holding, securing and towing.


“XIN SU ZHOU” : Parting of mooring lines in bad weather. Colliding with the quay and shore crane. Proceeding, holding, securing and refastening.


“SANTA MARIA I” : Remaining without engine power uncommanded and drifting by the winds, the swell and the currents. Proceeding, making fast, holding, securing, towing and re-delivering.


“ATHINA” : Vessel run aground and immobilized. Proceeding, refloating, providing extensive antipollution services under Scopic.


“RUZGAR” : Vessel was stern moored at Kynosoura peninsular of Salamis Island, off Piraeus and due to the strong winds all her stern mooring lines broke and she was driven by the winds into the busy main traffic channel, running the risk of collision  with other vessels. Proceeding, holding, securing, taking her out of the channel and rebirthing.


“FLYING DOLPHIN XIX” : Grounding off Metopi Islet, close to Aegina Island. Proceeding, pumping out waters, collecting fuels and lubricants, refloating with the use of floating crane, lifting the vessel and placing it on cradle on board the floating crane, towing and redelivering the hydrofoil vessel on shore at Perama repair quay. Services were provided under Scopic.

“NISSOS MYKONOS” : Fire at the funnel casing of the big passenger ferry, while sailing in the Aegean Sea between Ikaria and Samos Islands. Proceeding, towing, safely berthing alongside the casualty at the port of Samos Island, unloading the vehicles and passengers’ luggage and personal belongings, unberthing and towing the Vessel to Piraeus for repairs.

“NAFTOCEMENT II” : Dragging anchors and drifting in bad weather, running the risk of collision with other vessels and running aground. Proceeding, holding, securing, re-anchoring.


“CHEMICAL PROGRESS” : Dragging anchors and drifting in bad weather. Risk of collision with other stern moored vessels and strike her stern at the quay. Proceeding, holding, securing.


“CHEMICAL ARROW” : Vessel remained without engine power and was beyond self-help. Proceeding, standing by, holding, securing, towing and safe redelivering.

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