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The “Consortium Union of Tugs – Salvage Tugs Lyboussakis” is a family owned business existing for over 40 consecutive years and it has been occupied in the field of Towing and Salvage both nationally and internationally. Our company’s continuous development has led to its successful cooperation with big Shipping Companies, having as a result, its wide recognition along with its establishment in this field.“Lyboussakis Salvage and Towage” has been characterised by maritime services of high quality and consistency in all of its transactions. Therefore, by having simultaneously an adequate technical knowledge, proper equipment and well trained personnel, our main concentration is to be a service provider in the Salvage market.

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Our constant development on management is certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO  for Quality Management, Health & Safety, Environment and ISM certified by Greek Ministry of Shipping.


With a fleet which is constantly being renewed and adapted to the international and European demands Lyboussakis Tug Union has managed to hold one of the first posts in the market of ship services.

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Lyboussakis Tugs provides environmental solutions to numerous marine casualties involving ships and/or their cargoes and have effectively prevented the pollution of the marine environment by oil, lubricants, chemicals and wastes.
Lyboussakis Tugs deliver a full range of services including ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore cargo transfer, deep water oil recovery, tank cleaning, salvage and disposal of hazardous cargoes, refloating, towage, wreck removal, marine and salvage consultancy, environmental consultancy and contingency planning.

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Trust “Lyboussakis Salvage and Towage” due to our exceptional know how in our field.
In case you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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