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On 4 July 2018 LYBOUSSAKIS Tugs, VERNICOS Tugs and SPANOPOULOS Group formed the consortium styled "MEDTUGS", which operates since then and provides services (towage, salvage under LOF or under common law, wreck removal, antipollution, underwater services etc) with 27 tugs and salvage tugs, ranging from 27 to 70 tons Bollard Pull in Greece, in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Black Sea and in any other part of the world. MEDTUGS operates with 21 tugs Piraeus, one tug is stationed at the port of -2- Lavrion, one tug is stationed at the port of Mykonos Island and four tugs are stationed at Thessaloniki, North Greece.

Our new purchase S/T LYBOUSSAKIS CHIOS is finally ready to offer its services to the increasingly demanding markets of Piraeus and Elefsis. It’s experienced and capable staff in combination with the tremendous capabilities of the tug, guarantee the best possible result and assure for an excellent quality of services.

Our new aquisiton is an ASD tug build in UK 1990, with 2×1700 BHP Ruston, 2x Z-Peller, 50 tons of BP, ex- WILLOWGARTH.

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